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Persephone's Pleasure Ceremoment

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Persephone asks you to challenge your torment. She wants you to do the work, ask the tough questions and reflect on your transformation. Demeter's daughter is designated for those who desire formative change. Dive deep and take a stroll with your shadow in this ritual of reflection.

Light a candle, sip some tea, and take a ceremoment.

Persephone's Pleasure comes with the following:

Notions of Enchantment
Herbtention: Tea Recipe
Herbtention: Incense Recipe
Taroic Inquiry: Tarot Spread & Reflection
Handkerchief (Design varies but it's sure to be lovely.)
Blank Journal (Design varies but it's sure to be lovely.)
Herb Spoon (Design varies but it's sure to be lovely.)
Herbcharm (Design varies but it's sure to be lovely.)
7 Herbpacks (2x3 bags loose leaf herbs for the recipes)
Cloth Bag
Herbal Oil (Scent varies per Ceremoment)

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Dear Seeker,

Please take note of the following details:

* Ceremoments are rituals of reflection driven by intention. Metaphysical transformation is not guaranteed.

* The Deities presented in these enchantments are Archetypes of the reflective purpose. I compose each enchantment based on their lore and symbolic worship. Take them out or exchange them as you see fit. Their stories are told and retold to inspire and teach us. This is your story, look within.

*I  compose and create these herbal recipes, enchantments, and reflections based on life experience, intuition, and countless years of study. It is the role of The Herbteller to connect our common threads through story.