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Herbtale: Herbscope (Your Natal Compass)

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Set your course and sail your sea with this handy little dandy. The Herbscope is a navigational compass for all of your starry-herb needs. Think of this as your planetary shopping list.
It's a great place to start.

The Herbscope is a custom dossier of herbal recommendations based off of your celestial composition. This condensed chart works as your go-to shopping list. Use it as a compass and navigate your natal sea.

Herbscopes come with the following:

Compass Kit:
3 Herbpacks
Cloth Bag


Downloadable PDF Booklet which includes:
Planetary Line-Up
Monuments: Aspects
Elemental Compass
Celestial Compass

Herbscopes can vary in length and design based on your natal map. A typical Herbscope is 5 pages. You will receive the report via email in a PDF format suitable for print.

IMPORTANT: Upon checkout please add the following information in the NOTES section:
Name | Birthdate | Birthplace(City/State) | Time | Email Address
If you would like to email this information instead please send it to

Herbtales can take 1-5 business days to complete based on the complexity of your natal details. Every Herbtale is a custom creation unique to you and your elementary constitution.

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