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Herbtale: Moirae Map

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The moment you were born the Fates conspired to allot you with certain inalienable gifts. Silk-laden and stuffed with stars, these gifts are your fortune. A unique pattern was designed with your soul's purpose on mind and the will to weave was granted. Throughout the course of your life the fibers of fate will continue to unravel. A revolutionary pattern resides within you. With time and truth, all will be revealed.


The Moirae Map is an exploratory account of your unique natal composition. Mapping the stars is an ancient art. I, in my studies of the seeds and stars am humbly honored to interpret your celestial chart. Each Moirae Map is composed and custom-designed especially for you. No two are ever the same. This is the tale of you, the story in your name. Thus, it is written word-for-word in accordance with your specific chart. You are the stuff of stars. You contain multitudes. A computer-generated report simply will not do.

The following nooks are explored in your Moirae Map:

Mythological Associations: the tales that suit you.
Planetary Placement
North and South Node examination
Sign Associations
Lunar Relationship
Solar Relationship
Recommendations to work with your unique celestial composition.
Elemental Relationships
Correspondences and more


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Moirae Maps can vary in length and design based on your natal map. A typical Moirae Map is 15 pages. You will receive the report in a PDF format suitable for print. Moirae Maps can take 3-5 business days to complete based on the complexity of your natal composition. This is a detailed and thorough accounting of your birthchart. Please see for more details.