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The Stoneport takes a deep dive into your natal waters to discover the minerals and myths that are beneficial to you.

The Stoneport is a detailed dossier based on your natal composition. The minerals of myth and planetary pleasures that correspond with your unique birth map are selected and outlined in this tale of you. Every Stoneport is researched and custom-designed especially for you. No two are ever the same. Explore the bedrock of your star-studded life with this
one-of-a-kind guide.


Each Stoneport includes the following:

Sun Stones
The minerals of your sun based on your entire natal map.

Tuning My Trines
A thorough examination and explanation of the trines in your chart and the stones and oils to suit.

Square Solvents
A thorough examination and explanation of the squares in your chart and the stones and oils to suit.

My Story Stones
A mythoscopic look at the stories and deities that correspond with your own tale and the stones that accompany them.

Remedial Rock
The stone remedies associated with your planetary relationships.

A stone initiation and meditation to actualize your experience.

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Stoneports can vary in length and design based on the aspects of your individual chart. A typical Stoneport is 15 pages. You will receive the report in a PDF format suitable for print. Stoneports take 3-5 business days to create as each report is a custom creation all it's own. 

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