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Bathtention: Sulis Sacred Bath Blend

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This life giving river Goddess holds dominion over the thermal spring at Bath (now Somerset). She was called by Sulis Minerva. She granted life, nourishment, and curses on thieves. Her notoriety has been well preserved in 130 tablets and various archeological treasures throughout the Bath area. We have designed this blend in dedication to her reputable abilities to temper and replenish the restless mind.


This blend contains the following goodness:

Dead Sea Sea salt|Oats|Organic Dry Milk|Epsom Salt|Lavender|Chamomile|Vitamin E Oil


Pour per your favor.
Choose between a12 ounce Jar or a 60 ml Jar

Bathtentions come with the following:
Cloth Bag
Serving Spoon
Enchantment (A wee poem/reflection)