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Teen Angst Tea Kit

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Hormones rage and every day feels the same as our bodies change. Young women have it rough in the grow-up game.

The Teen Angst Tea Kit comes with herbs and recipes to ease the tides of cyclical change. Emotional, physical, and mental well being are at the forefront in this life-coping kit.

7 Herbpacks (2x3 bags)
Yellow Dock Root
Oregon Grape Root
Burdock Root
Lemon Balm
Dandelion Root
7 Herbcards (enchantments and plant profiles)
5 Teacards (Recipes):
Acne Tea blend
Moontime Tea blend
Moodbend Blend
Bedtime blend
Routine Cleanse blend
Lucky Charm Bag (Stones, Charms, Surprises)
1 Pocket Notebook (Blank) for herbtelling teataking notes
1 Herbspoon
1 Handkerchief
Herbspritz : Happy Maker (10ml)
TeaBling (Tea Strainer)

Hand-painted wooden box is available upon purchase.